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    It's going to be cool seeing more ll work, especially speed-built stuff. I'm looking forward to this.

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    You only need to add a talking dog and you have a plospaland recreation.
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    I like this a lot, simple but hyper-effective. Nice atmosphere and I can picture myself cruising along on that stretch of the splash boats ride.


    So it seems like you'll be wrapping it up around year 10... with that ridiculous speed, I'm curious to see the quality of the rest of it!

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    nice look going on here, i think you're missing castle walls on the bottom right (just right of where the queue line goes over the ride tunnel) but tat might also be on purpose. i like the color selection for windows here too.

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    Classic LL look. Not much to add, but an extra layer of bins, lamps and benches would help make it more interesting.

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    Good stuff. How does speed building work for you? Do you set some rules? e.g. no re-building

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    It's not a hard rule, but there hasn't been any re-building yet. Barely even any modifications at all. I just keep going without looking back. I make sure I don't start anything that requires more intense detailing, adding ghost train windows is probably the most complex thing in this park. Anything else will slow me down too much.

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    Sounds like a healthy exercise to me.

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    That path piece on the drop just looks like it's floating to me. Quite excited to see more of this as it seems like it would be a good exercise in improving one's core building instincts. The forms alongside the queue are great.

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    Started a park a few years ago - filling a full scale map as fast as I can. I'm in October year 3, see the in game map for progres so far.

    Most of the map is random and shit and it will probably stay that way, but there'll be some nice moments too. This is the best bit so far.

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