Screenshot / Journey to El Dorado


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    comment below
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    don't let this distract you

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    take your 100%

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    super nice. I'm glad you swapped the yellow queue out!

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    Colours are pretty great. All of it is pretty great, and I think that on a full map this would rival Ancient Worlds.

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    we here we live

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    that pyramid is super sexy

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    Didn't even realize this was NCSO. Holy shit. This is great.

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    tile inspector the station out and make it splash boat ride

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    Tried to come up with a battleboy-esque comment and failed so I'll just say that I love this.

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    The forms are great, the detail is great, the colors are great. I think this manages to be classic 'building a park' but also really fresh in it's construction. Excited to see more.

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    I love these rides on the water

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    Station roof is a mess, otherwise, nice

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    I love this, very thick but so much detail.

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    So amazing as is the rest of the park. Keep going guys!

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