Screenshot / Morgan Hyper, Train and Waterfall


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    Such a great moment.

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    I think you can do much more with that train station, the stepped shape is weird (especially because the flat portions have no function), and the style is very bland and generic. No windows, and a garden with an awning on top. Is this a train station?


    The coaster looks dope, highlights the waterfall and the bridge beautifully.

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    love how massive this is. 

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    Not really a fan of the bridge/tunnel the hyper goes through, but the rest of this is fantastic.
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    Excellent stage setting.  Massive coaster is definitely the right choice for Appian, something long and straight with seemingly endless hills off into the distance.  I hope there's a suitably thunderous conclusion.

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    Damn, that setting is stellar. The view of the train and waterfall sandwiched between this enormous coaster is so good.

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