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    That screen name is ACE.

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    Oh hello excuse me obsessed! Love the concept and the fun abstract execution, particularly the different color ranges created by overlapping pieces of glass. 


    The bit at the bottom is perhaps a little cluttered, but overall love the creativity. Reminds me of Cocoa's Micro Madness entry 'Behind the Music'

  • Zarathustra%s's Photo

    lovely, hope to see more in this style from you soon

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    Good work. I tried something similar for Micro Madness years ago with abstract elements united by a ride but I never had much aesthetic sense so I decided to make something more figurative in LL instead.

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    Damn. Definitely one of my favorite builders rn. This is art.

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    Ivo, is that you? This kind of RCT goes right above my head I have to admit...

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    Oh wow yes, please more of this. The top part is gorgeous.

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    Artsy! I really like this idea. Bottom is a little clustered. I don't understand the diagonal things and the cemetery needs a land beneath it to become a vignet on it's own, but the general easthetic looks great. 

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    Love this. The glass is superb.

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