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    Your ideas are so cool. Holy shit. Love the solar panels.

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    That's brilliant for so few CSO. Good work.

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    Very cool how it remains embedded in the surroundings despite how vertical everything is

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    @Ge-Ride it is NCSO crazy what you can do with tile inspector ;) really brilliant work and idea for coaster it doesn't exist in the game jet

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    Then how did they do the both vertical and cross beams on the building of the lower right? What's the trick?

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    Awesome work, love how you've done the curves glass windows. Also like the little overhanging mouse ride.

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    STARFALL is inspired by the Vekoma Tilt Coaster in Taiwan! I put it in a semi-futuristic city-scape. There is also a dark ride with a fake-out drop, I put the ride in shuttle mode like a tram or monorail so when it hits the end of the track it backs up and does part of the layout in reverse. In the left corner you can see a holding break from the vertical drop coaster that holds the riders high above the city! The challenge was to build a plot on a tilted landscape.

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