Screenshot / A little slice of Germany (Made by an American)


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    Good idea and very interesting aesthetic again. Nice to see you so active.

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    The buildings with the surrounding foliage give me a hybrid Japanese/german vibe rather than just German. I like what you have here though!

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    Giving off some Coaster Geoff vibes

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    I do like it, but in terms of feeling "german", I'm not sure the red and yellow trims are exactly achieving the effect you'd like. an interesting one for sure, but maybe not super german. with things like that, it can help a lot to think about the actual material those details are being made of. are they iron railings? rusting iron? wood? is it painted or not? why would the buildings have railings/ beams/ trims in those places, and whats the basis for them in real buildings? those sort of questions can help you hone in on an atmosphere and theme.

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    Red, yellow, black: the colors of the German flag. I'm not a fan of Angela Merkel but I am a big fan of architecture, of all flavors and I like to test and see what cool stuff I can build. I kinda wanted to make a little taste of Fredricksburg, TX (The biggest, most long held German enclave in Texas), thinking in the realistic, I've really felt for a theme park on the coast of TX, going deeper than six flags has as far as Texas heritage goes. I did this based largely on what I've thought the old villages in Germany would look like. The trims are to add an overcoat, to add that extra coat of realness to it. The red/yellow/black is to celebrate the heritage of German Texas.

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    yes "Good idea and very interesting aesthetic again. Nice to see you so active"

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