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    I think the low-lying vegetation is interesting, seems to be unique to your style, so I like that, and it can certainly work in many cases. But I’d suggest slowing down and putting more thought into your work rather than building so quickly. In my own book, building fast has never been admirable. I’m personally more impressed by endurance and patience; how deep into things someone thinks and works, and how much love they put into detail (and decided level of detail for a certain aesthetic or look; not necessarily ultra-detailed), and overall composition.
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    I think the part that is visible in the crop looks nice. I agree with Timothy Cross that you have interesting foliage going on. Your choice of coasters and layout doesn't look realistic or logical, but it is a fun idea to let the coasters go through the river. I suggest switching to a diagonal path type that looks more similar to the grey one you already have. This will help your park look more cohesive. I like that you have some repetition in the colors of the roofs. I do think that the Dark Water color for the roof doesn´t work in combination with the dark green and purple. I'd suggest to experiment with some other colors too see if you can find a better fit. 

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