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    love the roof for the station

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    This is very nice! I definitely think you're on the verge of really breaking through with your own distinct style soon. I'm looking forward to this release no doubt. Interesting theme and high quality theming and storytelling. It's missing a bit of refinement in some ways, but what you have currently is excellent. I particularly like the dark forest green roof you've chosen for the transfer station. I wish you used the same color for the station.


    Glad to have you here!

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    The bowl element is so lovely, and I think the non-banking really helps give it a great shape.
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    The helix is very nice indeed. Something that bothers me about the archy is that every building has only two colours, and as a result the buildings together look disconnected. Also, be more frugal with giant letters as a ride entrance. Looking forward to seeing this map in game, there's plenty to like and plenty of talent.

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    Good to see something a bit more naturalistic from you. Looks nice, foliage is quite tasteful. Liking where this is going.

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    This station building for VLAD is inspired by old wooden Russian and Slavic architecture.The end of the ride features an element I like to call, the Witch Bowl. These were some of the last buildings in Witchtopia I built before I submitted!

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