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    Cool stuff flow! This is a different style for you, but you're pulling it off quite well. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.


    Hopefully the devs for OpenRCT will increase the object limit soon, it will make it much easier to finish Conway.

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    heard rumors in the wind. It will be so sweet! I'll defo finish Conway if that happens

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    You should talk to 6Crazy6King6/Henkert, I know he enjoys trying to get past the object limit and helps out with that.


    Screen looks great. Still has your signature style, but feels a little more cohesive than normal.

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    I'll try, been learning a few tricks myself. Quite satisfying!

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    I have no words, it was adorable :D

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    It must say it was hard for me at first to see Phantasialand in this, but i guess its just inspired a bit by it.


    Very awesome stuff, as always enjoying your fun not so conventional style.

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    Looks great! You have a very H2H style of building which is really cool to see. Lots of content.

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    This is really nice

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    I like it except for the rounded-ish diagonal window/wall/roof combo.  Just go straight diag to make it cleaner.

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    Shame Conway had to be put on hold, was really looking forward to it! This is very interesting though, great vibe and achieves a lot in a small space.

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    Love the green glass in the middle, that pops for me.
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    I've Run out of data in Conway Castle and I still had quite a bit to do! Think my old mouse screwed me, it was double clicking all the time. Its been difficult finding the double objects too. So, annoyingly I am starting a new park.

    but don't worry, I've got plans!

    Thinking of doing my version of phantasialand as I love it so much! so introducing the British version; Fantasyland! I've built most of the europe entrance and plaza, which I'm gonna keep mostly the same.

    So, here's the European entrance, in honour of Brexit!

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