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    This is lovely. Very charming.

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    Maybe some bushes at the base of the larger trees to help blend them a bit better? Otherwise, really pleasant. The colored bits are fun. 

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    Needs some mowed grass texture.
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    Good vibes
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    Lovely as ever, foliage is so good here.

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    Love the custom holes you made with the loop. 

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    great work on the holes. Something about the foliage is bothering me - it seems to be demanding too much attention when it ought to be background. I think its the combination of the contrast between the bright grass and the dark trees, the visible bases of the trunks and the unnatural geometries of the conifer hedges.

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    The  "loop" hole is too good. 

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    The foliage in the bottom left should be toned down.  It's draws the eye there with it's brightness, when the focus should be the mini golf.

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    Perfect, in my eyes. Love the course on the little bridge

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    the diag hedge kinda jumps out at me, this neat screen. 

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    I agree with Alex about the foliage. Very nice screen, otherwise.

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    very good, nice imagination :)

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