Screenshot / Something's off here, but what?


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    I think that the colors could be more harmonious but it's hard to comment on such an incomplete screen.

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    I don't know if anything is "off" yet - it's not bad by any means and shows some promise.  The path looks like it might be shaping to be awkward though with the width changes.

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    Restaurants with flat roofs (particularly small/chain establishments) will often have outer walls that exceed the height of the ceiling, even if only by a little bit (1 RCT unit should cover it). Image search "[common restaurant name] aerial" and you'll see how restaurant architects have been tricking us for decades into thinking that their venues are taller.


    As for the color scheme, since the paths, floors, and HVAC paraphernalia are all a similar shade of gray, I would suggest painting the roof black so that the white windows and poles really pop.

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