Screenshot / Unrealized Watchmen Concept


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    comment below
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    I'll finish this with you. ;)

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    That is pretty damn epic....
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    this is just perfect. you captured the city so well, and the train station is beautifully done. fantastic choice of color (or lack thereof) too. this appeals to me so much because of what i'm doing in my wasteland project, and i just wish i had that back in h2h when i choked miserably. also dig the barred up windows. the subtle things can tell so much.

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    jaw dropping stuff man... insanely good.

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    I'm not sure why but I think that boarded up window is the coolest thing. It's literally just one piece but I think it's badass.
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    It would cool to see this finished.

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    classic replacements

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    This is really good, delivers on both macro and micro scale. My favourite detail must be the stairs into the cellar...

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