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    I'm not sure the layer cake architecture is effective here, I would've doubled down on it and involved the landscape and the path shapes as well, make the whole thing look like a 2 year old built it with lego. I suppose that means it has potential. I like it either way.

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    I like the aesthetic experimentation. Seems like you've learned a lot from this. Even though it's playful, it still has a design language. Otherwise it's very free, and because you don't have a strong sense for composition yet looks a bit random. I would try and plan macro a bit for now (where things will go, how they connect, what the natural flow of viewing your park will be), until it comes to you more naturally without thinking. Usually takes a few projects completed, and large enough ones where composition even plays a factor. Ideally you will develop an automatic understanding of the map size available to you, and what to do with it, based on the ideas you want to realise.

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    This feels very oldschool NCSO with the simplistic abstract structures around a hilly garden-looking park. It's kind of nostalgic and I really like it., looks fun.

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    Fun and playful best describe this style. Lurker style!

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