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    looks like pixel art i would be obsessed with as a kid. so nice

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    Part of my contribution to this insane map.

    The Aqua building was based off of one of the first sketches I made for this map - even before I decided to build on it. I wanted it to be over the top - grandiose - and a bit unfathomable. Why not make a skyscraper a giant aquarium?

    I'm also very pleased with how the gradient effect on the palette came out - mostly evident in the greenish/blue building with the yellow dome. Tons of fun to build with!

    Hoobaroo built much of what you see along the bottom (casino, rotating restaurant), and Iretont created some amazing custom vehicles pictured here (the cars, the sharks, jellyfish, turtles, seahorses!).

    Truly a wild exercise in teamwork!

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