Screenshot / Mirage Mountains/Canis Major [WIP]


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    This is like Levis meets Arjan v l lol.


    The color scheme really is great. Not a fan of the boxy path layout surrounding the buildings at the bottom though.

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    With all those stepped paths on a hill (quite nice!), you'd expect something more eye catching atop the hill - like... a sandcastle? You've got a long ass brake run occupying some prime real estate. I'd add an epic looking building there!


    Nice colours here.

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    I like it just for how different it is. Looks fresh.

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    That station is awesome! Your layouts need work though, kind of ruins the screen. 

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    While I agree the layout seems sprawling, I like the aesthetic overall here. I agree with Liam about trying a big structure for the hilltop, something to compliment the market building.



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    lovely, almost feels like a MTC vibe. i love how bright it is

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