Screenshot / La Cantera at Cactus Fair


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    comment below
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    well I'm hype

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    I'd raise the fence-banners above the plaza one or two units if I were you.
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    I really like what's going on in the bottom left corner, central plaza is also nicely laid out. But that station design... Uninspired, poorly executed, and completely out of place. Why did you choose a googie station, rather than continuing the more developed western theme.


    The coaster supports kind of look like two gigantic cacti holding up the lift hill, but making those actually look like cacti would've been horrible and I'm glad you didn't do that. Coasters can be just coasters.

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    love those planters, looks like a nice place to sit and enjoy a joja cola

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    As they say in California,

    "It's a vibe."


    I know it's cactus fair, but is there any room here for some tall palms? Especially in those planters.

  • Xtreme97%s's Photo

    Awesome colours, love the lil cactus planters as well!

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    Can't wait to see this released. Also, nice Jojamart reference.

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    nice coasterland ;) we are all hyped to see it finished =)

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    This went quick. It's promising and enjoyable, innocent RCT, with a random pink thrown onto it. Hoping you'll develop more aesthetic skills from this point. The entrance part in the bottom left seems to indicate so.

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    I like those planters, very good

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