Screenshot / Found World - Samantha's Bones


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    comment below
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    Damn, this is one of the crunchiest screens I've ever seen.

    Gives me real zoo tycoon dinosaur digs vibes too

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    Correct bg use of that palette
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    I was obsessed, but then you deleted the screen I commented on and put this one up, so now I'm just personally offended...

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    i messed up and uploaded one with the wrong resolution SORRY 

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    uggghhhhh..... Stop making the rest of us feel inferior with your crunch... :p




    Plz don't stop what you're doing, your stuff is amazing Josh ;)

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    So when does John Hammond show up and drink their champagne?

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    ur bad
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    leave my bones where they are

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    leave my bones where they are



    thats funny.


    I am a Samantha stan. 

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    Not sure how you managed that quality of a painting on blue wide-ruled paper.

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