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    Water as a roof texture is interesting. I guess you're using it for the glitter effect based on the title. I think it works with the fairytale theme, but probably more suited for viewing in-game than a screenshot. The purple grid roof is the only thing I don't care for here.

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    Love the water roofs, really unique aesthetic, but agreed no the purple grid on the entrance there, just feels a bit out of place here.

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    Reminds me a lot of Destiny 2 for some reason.. regardless, really like what you did with the water roofs too. 

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    Looks great. I would stick with the red tile path instead of the green one.
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    Love it, don't change a thing.

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    Haha, really?

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    this is the sorta cool stuff you get to two decades post release

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    Interesting experiment

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    Such a great idea. I think it's worth trying to fill the gaps at the side with stacked wooden coaster or something

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    Using water as a roof and giving it context and meaning is something I would have never expected out of anyone on this site. Super creative idea, love how this looks. I do agree with Alex though, something needs to fill that gap unless it's a deliberate stylistic choice.

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    I had the idea to use water as part of a building but as a sort of nature/architecture reversal. Your idea is more creative, so hats off to you.

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    Thanks for the comments everyone! Glad the roof idea is well received, it's the idea that sparked the whole thing. Purple grid is a leftover from the first stage of construction (many years ago!), I never reconsidered. Changing that is probably the first thing I'm doing when I reopen the game. Also will try to fill the gaps, but we'll see how far my limited patience will carry me. Some sorry attempts a few years ago did not help.

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