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    Ooo lovely. nohack?

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    Wish we had more verticality, but overall it's very pleasant. 

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    I like it.  Maybe a little bland at first glance.  The flat ride choice makes sense but doesn't do much to elevate it.  The palms and barrels sprinkled in with the flowers is quite nice.  The top left corner might as well be 3 corners of flower with the barrel instead of the blank corner imo.  Not a huge fan of the single trees on rock texture tiles but it's not the end of the world.


    I'm curious what the state of PP1 is.  If my memory is correct there were still a few empty plots.  zodiac's area is unlikely to be finished and I'm not sure how much this section takes up of the blank space left over,  although it should go nicely with the rest of the map.  Someone like Xtreme or alex would probably do solid work to help wrap it up if there is enough momentum again.


    The green path on the seating area does look better than the red,  if that is one of the changes from 3 years ago.

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    Thanks guys!


    @Sammy: low on hacks, my work always is.


    @nin: rest of the area is a little more dynamic than this, but you're not wrong.


    @Milo: yeah, blank corner is probably an error. Thinking it's a nice spot for a bush! I might look into ways to spice up the area, I have a few ideas worth trying.


    There's no more zodiac area, the little bit that was there when the project was abandoned was so little (and quite weak too) it was not worth preserving. There's only one corner left, and some polishing/gap filling to do (of which I've already done a lot) on on the other areas . Should be quite easy to finish if the final area gets underway.

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