Screenshot / Sunshine Springs - The Big Game


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    So damn nice. The little walkway at the bottom is adorable.

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    This is great. Not being restricted to a H2H sized map is really helping out here. Love the look of the bleachers.


    How do the players enter the field though? And are the people sitting in the front rows looking at a wall?

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    John Pitt Field? Hmmmm.
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    Wow, great atmosphere and detail. Is this part of a bigger map/project? Would love to see a big world like Royr did with Vespucci Beach.

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    The school names hahaha great stuff, as always. I think you're the best player around at combining a colorful animated style with gritty natural textures

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    John Pitt Field? Hmmmm.


    named after a famed Carolina Meat Handler 

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    I mean yeah sure OK if you wanna

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    Soooooooooo good. I love how you're extending the chaotic beauty of FAP to the outskirts and surroundings. It never takes its portrayal of Florida too seriously but also doesn't use its lighthearted tone as an excuse to flake on details. This may be the most In:Cities screen I've seen in a good while.

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    This. This is how you make grass pop. 

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    This screen is hot. Go sports! 

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    Solid work!

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    Capturing the excitement of Florida's semi-pro high school football environment. Love it! The little details you top dogs include is amazing.

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    Okay. I was gonna give this screen like 100/yes, but then you put a space for the marching band on the home side and didn’t put the marching band in. 77/no.
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    so cute, whats the band playing? 

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    That's my dad!

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    So cool!

    The only thing a bit strange is the shark in the stands

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    So cool!

    The only thing a bit strange is the shark in the stands


    Because Florida of course.

    Awesome screen, but I already told you that before.  

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    This is probably the coolest thing ive seen out of all RCT.

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