Screenshot / Battle of Salamis


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    We call it swordfighting where I come from.
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    This is excellent, would love a full park like this. I also think it's far superior to your ncso stuff - except the foliage which was top notch in Marblehead.

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    I love this too and I agree with Liam about wanting more.
    How many salamis were involved in this battle?
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    Too much salami
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    This is beautiful, might be my favorite ever Greek theme.

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    Seeing non-H2H releases adapting to the current meta never ceases to make me absurdly happy. Far and away your best work yet IMO

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    Wow - had no idea you had this in the works. Looks great!

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    Super solid otter, lovely stuff.

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    Looks awesome, everything is at the top level of parkmaking right here.

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    This is super well done, clean and totally in style and fresh and on topic and rich. cant wait to see you break throughhhhhh #TeamOtterSalad

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    wow i loved

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