Screenshot / Old woodie and Green House


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    Looks nice! I really like the abstract mountain motifs. 2 things aren't working quite so well for me: the balcony rail for the queue (it's calling out for a wooden fence), and the white glass.

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    I agree with alex about the fencing, otherwise solid stuff.

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    I really love the mountains made of deco trim pieces on the station roof, such a nice touch

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    I don't mind the white glass but I do agree with Alex on the queue line fencing. Looks great otherwise, reminds me a bit of walto's r1 entry for H2HC
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    Very sweet and clean. Do agree with alex too.


    Is it a bit too ...boring? Don't get me wrong it's a very solid thing, but I believe your previous release had much more going on. Maybe something calmer is intentional though.


    @Steve do you approve of the trees?

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    Would like to see it in action!

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