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    Love it. My only question concerns footers that seem themed and typical generic supports on them. Why are themed supports talked negatively about from some of us? Coasters are great but theming makes even the most basic flat ride something people pay more money to ride and are much more entertained. If I recall correctly, the great Airtime used themed supports on an indiana jones ride. And indiana jones and the temple of peril at Disneyland Paris uses theming for the supports in real life. But in any case, your screen is great if you’ve achieved your personal vision. Besides, the color of your supports seems thematic, too. All I’m wondering is if supports can be taken further now? Or I may not know what I’m talking about. I don’t play anymore.
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    5 out of 5 boings

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    2023 is the year overgrown South American wilderness finds its way to the mainstream.

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    I don't think this screen is quite big enough to say what the broader park is going for. I don't think the theming or foliage is out of place in a hardcore realism park, where the supports would be very appropriate. The supports themselves look fine, but having the stone texture brought over in some way as footers might make it look more directly themed (and slightly less realistic). Straight unrealistic supports are fairly uncommon these days outside of total fantasy parks.


    The foliage looks nice! Very busy, lots of textures, but in a good way.

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    The spacing of the supports along the track is a bit inconsistent, perhaps some are even unnecessary, otherwise I like it!
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    Good point, Ling.

    And to be clear, I love the supports. I guess I was just rambling.
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    more than one support has stolen

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    Looking nice Hex. Foliage is sweet. Looking forward to seeing more of the coaster.

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    What a lovely screen American me! Foliage is great, love the overgrown ruins and the coaster colors. 

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    A Gojira themed roller coaster? Finally.


    Unless there's a real life coaster with a similar setup I'd consider removing one of the supports beneath the start of the hill, they look a little too tight.

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    bow wowowowo

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    love the themed footers

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    Best Themed Footers Ever

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    i think the footers deserve all this praise

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    This is great, has a nice level of mystery to it!

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