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    beautiful park!

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    Yes, still love this park. I check back on in regularly for inspiration. Why are there all those weird poles scattered through the screen?

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    Caught up with this lately and loved every second of it. Good job Trav, I'm very fond of your work.

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    I'll second Jens! I often find myself coming back to study this.


    So classy and full of life. Some of my absolute favourite architecture in the game.

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    Love this!
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    I'm a simple man I see H2H content I rate it 100%

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    Genuinely some of the best archi in the game. Underrated af

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    This is incredible  architecture and just extremely cohesive. Holy wow

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    Shame this park came up against Shadrach Stuart's secret subterranean sanctuary. 

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    A favorite of mine

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    Forgot how amazing this is. 

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    i remember liking this at the time, but it holds up extremely well. Great stuff

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    Always loved the building with the turrets. Not sure why there's a bunch of poles on the path... OpenRCT shenanigans?

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    Yeah the poles are that invisible path glitch, it's fixed on my recent develop.

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    Hadn't even noticed the poles on the path until now! Not sure what's happened there, must be as Lurker says because they're not there when I open the park now.


    @Liam - any way to replace the screen with the same thing but without the poles if I send it to you or something?


    Glad to see that this work still stands up too! Makes me feel more confident about the stuff I'm building now, so thanks everyone.

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    Sadly, no. You'll have to live with it... This currently being the 12th highest rated screenshot on the site.

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    Now everyone is going to have to see your poles

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