Screenshot / Floral Highball


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    This angle made me have no idea what the hell I was looking at. Still don't

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    incredible - was convinced i was f’ed when i saw this angle. i love the way your style has developed over the last couple of years, mixing your abstract artsy side with the more grounded stuff. can’t wait to see what you will be up to next
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    This definitely blurs the lines between 'old roller coaster game' and digital art.

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    These flowers are amazing, they are one of those highlights of the contest, I'll be curious to know the process or the way that gave you the idea, probably a lot of experimentation and a very good vision of space/3d

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    So good!

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    incredible - was convinced i was f’ed when i saw this park

    Simply stunning. All said and done still one of my favorites of the entire contest, iconic. Perplexing, and the forms and color execution is so inspiring.
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    The artist that you are

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