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    I see what you did there!


    Love that gift shop, and I appreciate the coloring too.

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    I love all of this!! Except the coaster colours, I think just tweaking those to be a bit more Star Wars, you've got a winner.

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    I can't believe you're getting away with these colours, man. This is awesome

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    Don't completely agree with the colors, but I like the allusion to the lasers. Clever idea.

    I do wish the forms were more "Star Wars-y", with greebles and used tech, but the intent is there.

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    Interesting and definitely skilful, but a bit too wild and all over the place for me.

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    Yeah, nin is right, i tried to match it to the lasers. Think I just got away with it!

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    I think the problem comes from the green supports, they immediately catch the eye and take up too much space visually. If I were you, I would apply a grey or black colour instead, and the green on some red elements !

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    So full of energy and carefree. I love your work!

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