Screenshot / #fbf - Russian Mountains on Spilled Blood


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    I did have an idea to make a Russia-themed design a long time ago but nothing came of it. In my head, the potential was for it to look something quite like like this, and then I could only have hoped to build something bearing a decent resemblance to the grandeur and atmosphere I was imagining. But you actually have the amazing skill to manifest these things in RCT routinely. This looks so great, I would be psyched to see it expanded to a proper map!
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    Beautiful work Ethan. Amazing how you can pack so many details in. The foliage colours are bold, but they work perfectly imo.  

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    Man I would love to have a copy of this as is.



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    If I had two nickels for every time someone used the assisination of a Russian emperor as inspiration for a building challenge...

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    Man I would love to have a copy of this as is.


    Same... the architecture here is just stunning.


    With that said, judging by the foliage, climate change seems to have hit Russia hard lol.

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    This reminds me of that amazing fantasy project Tyandor posted many moons ago. It was different, unique, full of life and detail.

    This is the modern meta version of that. I don't know anyone that is doing this Maximalist style like you right now, you're a very exciting player.


    100% from me. Flawless.

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    love you ethan my son come back

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    Amazing work!
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    would be shame to not see this in any park someday.

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    Thanks for the comments everyone!

    With that said, judging by the foliage, climate change seems to have hit Russia hard lol.


    Good eye, that's because this park isn't set in Russia! I personally enjoy highlighting this dimension to theme parks/rct where worlds intermix. 

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    F*cking impressive Ethan. All those details... 

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    All of that intricate trim work and micro-details, and yet it looks clean and easy to read at the same time. Absolutely fantastic stuff.

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    I love that this is maximalist but still extremely legible.

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    thought i'd already commented on this, but apparently not. 


    this is one of the best things i've seen on this site. I absolutely LOVE it. how on earth you managed to layer so many details, and finish up with something that is so easily recognizable in terms of form and theme is a real skill that almost no one has. it's a real pity that i think it's almost impossible to build an actual park with this level of detail and scale, because the time it would take would be outrageous. 


    but then, that's what we said 15 years ago and look at everyone now. 

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    This is pinnacle RCT architectural detailing as we know it. We need more Ethan maps and we need more buildings like these.

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    Not too long ago, but I wanted to add this to the website because I really enjoyed making this for Dr. Dirt's "Maximalism" challenge. Perhaps I will expand this concept for a park later down the line.

    "Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood", an inspiration for this, was built on the site where emperor Alexander II was assassinated on. Hence on spilled blood...

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