Screenshot / el tornado tejano


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    Genuinely excited for every project of yours.


    Love the colours and the atmosphere being created.

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    I like how you overlaid two chinese cedars with different colours!
    Telephone poles may be a bit low? But I'm not telephone pole expert

  • G Force%s's Photo
    Wonder if you could find a way to do the supports without it glitching like on the right side. Agreed on the telephone poles.
  • Narc%s's Photo

    I love how much space you give everything! Really good looking screen.


    I agree with G Force about the supports, when everything else looks so polished it becomes quite noticeable. Also, the horses (?) are a little difficult to read.

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    Very lovely screen, you seem to have a thing for good foliage. I wish the supports didn't glitch.

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    Love the subtle story telling that the pond has clearly been drained and dirt has been added in for the coaster. Supports are so awesome. It’s a texas thing
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    What I really like about this, is how janky it looks. You really captured that home-built/fairground coaster look. 

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