Screenshot / Healy Hall - Georgetown University


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    Looks awesome, love the colour of the balloons and all the theming. It's a pretty flawless screen to be fair. Loving that you're so active and upping your game so much.

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    I like it. It has nice mellow colors and has a good style of detail without too much ornamentation. Of course it's based on a real place so I may be just praising the real building as it comes through in your interpretation.

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    This is incredible work! you're gonna have such a wild and exciting time! It'll be cool to compare this to actual move-in day 

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    Your architectural work has skyrocketed over the past few months, with this being my favorite building you've made so far. The realistic landscaping and curvy flowers really bring the setting home. Keep doing what you're doing!

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    Look at that, that is some awesome archy! Love the campus feel. 

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    An impressive building, great job setting the atmosphere too. 

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    That is a great building! And its setting looks good too. Looking forward to the release :) 

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