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    Very cool theme and coaster name. I wonder if you could experiment more with the mammoth path artwork? Right now they read to me as closer to cowboy hats. Maybe a side profile with the trunks of them? Just something to consider. Overall great work.

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    I disagree about the path tiling. I think it works very well. I do think however that you could do a bit more with the station. right now it's just a box. Maybe a portion that juts out from the back would help?

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    Lovely screen, colors work great. I also love the mammoth path tiling.

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    Really excited to see more of this coaster. I agree that the station is a bit underwhelming/basic, and I was also thinking the white arches you used kind of blend with the icicles taking away from the effect. One last suggestion: no penguins, wrong hemisphere.

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    How many angles does this Wooly Mammoth look good in? :p



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    Great work AJ. Would love to test this out for you before you release it, there's no reason why you shouldn't be park maker.


    Great support work, good vibe with the architecture so far.

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    Like the station design.  The mammoth insignia on the path looks more like hot dogs in buns.

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    Cool support work. Wonder if it's possible to make the ground look less muddy?

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    great suggestions!


    haha youre right I added some dimension to the building youll have to wait to see! 


    i like the mammoth pathing... but if not reading ill reconsider! 


    and the penguins are just visiting, i know theyre wrong haha maybe ill change them all to puffins 

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    I love the Mammoths on the pathway, would be perfect to incorporate that into the ride logo

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    Seriously amazing work and so so AJ. New carousel roof is perfect. I like the idea of the mammoths in the path but they kind of blend in. A different color for the brown or even path lines on the outside for an outline would really help them stand out.

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    Quite beautiful. I love how the break is such a feature due to the macro. Well done AJ.

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