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    I really think you're making a breakthrough with CSO here. It's not entirely falling into the deco trim overload in your previous screens and it feels a lot more authentic and natural as a result. I can see myself in that little parking lot near Marty's Music. I like the concept of using cobblestone as a crunch texture but I think it sticks out a little too much. Maybe something like mulch texture that blends in a little more and using those safety net pieces to transition between them.

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    I agree with Gustav this feels like a minor breakthrough, and it feels more authentic than the previous screen(s). At the same time it still has that Lurker cartoonish charm, so it's not like your style is being replaced with a a generic 2023 style or anything. I think you would refine your foliage next. When you're using that grass patch object, you need to put other objects around it to smoothen it out. It's too square by itself. Or use different objects altogether. You can also vary the land textures. Grass/mud where there's plants on top, just grass when it's open. For example.

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    really enjoy this! super fun

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    Good advice by liam regarding foliage! Maybe try out some of these techniques when you build next.


    I enjoy your CSO work - it's a lot of fun and still feels like you. Dont get lost in trying to fit the "meta"; just continue to make cool things that you like. It always shows in your work.

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    Everything looks 1-2 units too short. But good vibes regardless.

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