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    Such a fun concept and the coaster is awesome! Great use of the matrix wall!

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    i think it would benefit from some contrast with the queue - perhaps some green from the northern lights?

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    Interesting - love the theming. Never seen an indoor coaster have the queue going through the show building like that. I agree with Sammy about the queue. Seems too simple in comparison with the ride theming and could use some more sprucing up (ie lighting perhaps)

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    Love this... indoor coasters aren't done enough and this is a perfect size with convincing scenery. Also love the cutaway roof with the supports. Apparently there's a dimensional merge happening between this ride and the Matrix though.

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    The layout and the northern lights wall are great. I'll echo the surprise at seeing the queue for an indoor coaster snake through the track. I have to wonder if that would lessen the surprise once you're onride. 

  • Description

    Thank you for today

    I remember your silhouette on Dyes Inlet
    Against the silver sheen of a moon like painted glass
    Under stars out on the pier; a celestial sphere
    We were weightless as the waves that disappeared

    Northern lights filled our skies
    Empty nights synchronized

    We shared a clove cigarette on the parapet
    As the T.V.’s glowed from the windows of the model homes
    And I’d never be that close again to your lips and perfect skin
    As the tide receded into the unknown

    Northern lights filled our skies
    Empty nights synchronized


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