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    This is really nice; questioning that random turn with the coaster train. Evokes an older era where everyone (myself included) wanted to do stuff like that haha - I do wonder if some nice foliage or a garden would be nicer there.

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    I love me some good NCSO like this. RMC track as glorified support blockers looks seamless. I can't help but get some Ancient Worlds vibes though.

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    Really like it! But don't really see the point of the RMC track under the wooden coaster...?

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    Really like it! But don't really see the point of the RMC track under the wooden coaster...?

    Thanks, the main reason is because i like the way it looks. But this also gives me the option to have the track be a different color then the supports. Plus the custom supports are made of rmc track so having the track under the wooden coaster be rmc in my eyes just looks good.
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    I agree with CC9 that the stationary car on the turn feels unnecessary as all it does right now is block the view of the building behind it. Love the colosseums though!

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    I agree with CC9 and Jappy. Would rather see some manicured gardens.


    I like the rmc supports for the arches in places, but it makes the rest of the coaster look like it was built at an invalid height with the half unit gap between the track and the RMC supports.


    I do enjoy the station - pretty neat base to it. 

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    This is awesome. Just not a fan of the fake track at the queue entry. It's blocking a beautiful view!

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    That fake track in the thumbnail was a bait and switch lol... I was expecting it to be part of the ride leaving the track.

    Anyhow, I really like the RMC supports actually... reminds me of when people used to do wooden wild mouse supports but it looks much better.

    This screen looks like an exercise in experimenting in trackitecture, and it's definitely quite impressive.

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    Clever way to get have a color scheme like the RCT1 wooden coaster on a twister in Open, some nice use of the invisible color option with those added supports too. 

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