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    Cool concept

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    its really cute for what it is! however, it lacks any sort of dynamism - its on completely flat land and just sort of squarely goes up and back down inside its little box. im interested to see what you can add to heighten the excitement. something as simple as turning the area into more of a plaza could do it! imagine sitting and eating near a fountain while this swoops overhead

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    I think SSSammy’s ideas are good. Or if you only gave more defined rules and purpose for the surrounding foliage, then I feel like the area could be a simple but perfected composition. It would be a cool concept within a box but beautiful for its simple intention and perfect execution. Why not? There’s beauty in simplicity. And it seems to me that things, even filler material, given purpose (such as rules for the foliage), can be analyzed.
    In contrast, randomness is nothing to admire at length, not to mention the overall look of things without purpose is unattractive, whether they are analyzed or not. But these are maybe just my odd thoughts. I do like the screen. Great ride design.
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    Nice ride, but the 11 of the same trees neatly in a row in the back bother me.

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