Screenshot / Meet me at Reed Park and lets ball


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    First screen of 2024 and it's a banger.

    The details are very clever... love the tic-tac-toe game near the playground

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    Awesome. I love the exercise equipment(?) in the bottom left. Please do a skatepark under the highway bridge like in logan square
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    This is excellent. Only question I have would be the black retaining wall. I know a lot of what you're building has a real world reference. Would it be black metal? or concrete? I think a light warm concrete color would work well here unless there's a specific reference.

    Great work man.

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    Loving the curvy paths. The basketball court is looking great too. The big lamps feel a little bit undercooked though, i think you can do more here with modern objects. I could also nitpick on parts of the foliage feeling outdated, but i also really like how you are persistently still using the kumba trademark bushes these days. Keep it up!

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    Yeah the curvy paths in the mulch are great. Lovely screen, not so much fan of the foliage in the bottom of the screen (near the highway).

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    Kumba you were the main reason I started loving this game the way i do.

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    Excellent rendition of an urban playground. Nothing but Net on that court!


    But I hope that metal q-fence is made from the strongest materials. Some drivers misjudge how much space they have to merge...

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    Thank you all for the comments. Here's a small update to the court. I think it looks a lot better with the round piece added. 


    Attached Image: dr3bballbonus.JPG

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    Maybe some posters/ads? The black wall seems too bare? Add that old Foot Locker logo object lol

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    Really nice geometry
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    I dunno how I missed this the first time around but it's awesome, so many great details in the excercise park and playground. I like the giant exclamation mark sculpture too.

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    The same court Jordan played on as a kid

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    Is there going to be any movement in this area?

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    Yes, someday many years down the road. I guess that's the downside to doing such a massive project, the need to wait on final details. I am not even sure half-diagonal traffic will be a thing. On the count I can use the soccer or dancing peeps ride, stuff like that. Also falling leaves would be good here. Might add a scoreboard for the court too. 

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