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    outstanding. i think be careful with your choice of roof textures and how they interact with your path textures - right now the roof with the tower with the dino head on it is hard to parse against the footpath - maybe change the colour of the rooves to a darker colour?

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    Sam makes a great point. Make that rooftop black and you're good to go!


    Otherwise, everything looks excellent as always man. 

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    Very cool. Probably my favourite work from you yet.

    Also agree 100% with SSSammy on the roof textures/colours.
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    What a vibe

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    Looks surreal. I love how alive and scenic it is. Didn't think it was possible to push that aspect further yet in your work. So impressive as always.

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    This is fantastic. I love the vibe.

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the support!
    I've corrected the obvious roof color problem

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    Something I would expect out of a piece of professional entertainment media (show, film, themed ride experience, miniature diorama, whatever).


    It's that good.


    I used to be able to see the individual objects used to make something. But now it's like walking down the streets of another world, in a way. And that's a good thing.

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    this is really really good. feels so busy and alive, and that's so hard to get from a screen. very interesting to look at, so much going on, pops of color, feels real. 

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    I love it man. Something about the half circular building in the middle

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