Screenshot / Wasteland - East Shore


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    For two days and two nights the machine guns roared



    Only the whispers of the dead and the blood stained beach are with us now

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    What's killing them?

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    Hmm...this one doesnt have the creepy effect that the other screens have. Maybe because it is so explicit?
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    Is this the Saving Private Ryan beach scene in RCT?!

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    My thoughts exactly. Although I think fun is the most important feature of an RCT screen I'm really intrigued by this project. Looks cool!

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    +1 to Kumba for going the extra mile on the analysis 


    Wicksteed - I've been trying to figure out why it hasn't caught on for me yet, and I think you nailed it. I'll have to think about where to go with this one for a while.


    csw - Spot on. I can't think of other movie scenes quite as horrifying as that first few minutes, and I have seen many movies. I don't think I have done it justice.


    Faas - Thank you. I'm really trying to explore RCT being used as a platform for just general artistic expression because while I still love the game, my passion for theme parks seems to be withering away. 

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