Screenshot / #fbf: God's Isle (2005)


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    Liking the almost LL look with all the beige and pink and the entirely red flowers. A little monotone but so unmistakably 2005

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    Hello there Flashbackfriday, it has been a while!


    Like Gustav says, it def still feels anchored well in the LL building traditions. Even the colours are quite conservative in that regard. Just shows how much time has moved on!

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    Ha, brings back memories, the good old times where building without peeps was normal... Big fan of the colors and that open air station for the splash boats. 

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    I love this too, but it's less suitable for a H2H park. This would be great on a 256x256 map.

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    This is juicy. Everyone sleeps on WME's terraforming I think.

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    Don't think I've ever seen this- this #flashbackfriday guy is going places.

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    It's quite beautiful and inspiring. Perhaps inspiring the art style of my future animated music videos with RCT-inspired music (involving math and creative processes I’ve discovered from the game and applied to music, among other things) and various other RCT players and parks have inspired my in-progress animated maps in my music videos via RCT-like objects and shapes drawn one by one, pieced together and animated all via simple math. I love this site and this game. You artists are brilliant.

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