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    comment below
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    TIL I can't edit the screenshot after realizing I selected the uncropped image lmao. Anyways have a lovely friday evening folks.

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    Christ, I've never seen this. Insane work man
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    Phenomenal work with that building facade. Amazing what can be done texturally with ruins and those tall column objects. 2024 is the year mini golf track wins Best Comeback.


    Only part I'd look into is the light gray steel triangles between the red and blue queues. The height of the overhanging triangles might be more clearly realized if the steel ones on the ground are painted the same color as the surrounding path to give the grays some contrast.

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    good suggestion Terry, fun fact the colored full tile queue pieces are also mini golf track, which i did not learn until very recently.

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    Man I like how detailed it is. Your object use is fire.

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    I just want to comment on this park and say how impressive the object usage is on that building facade! Great work!

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    jesus christ that tower with the tree

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    Thank you for the kind words fred, rob and turtle!

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