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    I can't tell whether the coaster is accurate because it's completely impossible to see it from the paths. I forgot what the ride entrance looked like but this rings a bell, so I suppose that means you're doing a good job! :) I still think your recreation has too much mud, though. Nigloland in my experience was a nice green park-like park.

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    Well it won't be a 100% accurate recreation. It's more like a semi recreation at this point to be honest, I changed quite a few things here and there. 
    In real life, the mine train and flume ride are indeed in the woods and can't be seen from the paths, so I think this screen is pretty close to the real deal. But other parts of my take on this park are way different than the real counterpart.

    The thing is, I've gotten better with wild / forest-like foliage with time, but I'm still reaaaally bad at making manicured gardens. And I feel like making a bad manicured garden will definitely undermine the general feeling of the map.

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