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    The towers and the levels of the darkride look great, and I like the proximity of the coaster to the path.  The only thing I'm not too keen on is the roof.  I think it's a bit too plain at the moment.

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    I agree that the roof kills the vibe for me. The colors of the building are great, so I wouldn't change that..

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    Agree with above. Everything else looks really great.


    The issue with the roof is that it contrasts the great detail of the station and queue (in a bad way). Arguably you would be better off just having a flat roof, perhaps using some of the statues (from the creepy scenery tab I believe) as gargoyles. Or you could possibly have the roof parallel to the station, that might look better.

    Interesting that you've used the wild mouse coaster instead of just using the haunted mansion ride. I guess it doesn't really matter, but I personally prefer using the relevant namesake.


    Haven't seen a good NCSO design in a while so should be interesting.

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    I like what I see and I see what I like

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    I like it too, but I agree about the roof... This is an important reason why NCSO is stupid. So few options for the roofs, you're too often forced to go with a shitty colour and texture. Wouldn't you rather build on an old bench with custom scenery? PT1 or PT2 perhaps?


    Anyway, I'd definitely recolour the coaster to dark brown (the shiny turd colour).

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    Really nice.

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