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    I don't understand whether this is supposed to be a cut-away or if it's an outdoor thing. 

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    cutaway, you can see an arch above the track

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    I really love the interior. It looks pretty and makes sense as a darkride interior. I'm not a fan of everything else though... There's a lot going on in terms of textures, colours and functions. It's a bit messy to be honest. For example, I count four different path textures in this screen. The brick texture is used in three different ways here: grey with brown tops for the fort, grey with olive tops for the embankments, and brown for the gate. It doesn't help that the fort and the gate 'touch' eachother from this screen. If you move the gate back two tiles it would be much easier on the eye. Also, maybe use another texture for the gate here. It might also be a good idea to use exactly the same colour and texture for the gate and the embankments to tie everything together. Lastly, you might consider to add more of those turrets around the fort. Because this turret overlaps with the gate behind it, it's more difficult to make out what it is. This shouldn't be a problem if you have more turrets around for reference.

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    The hard thing is keeping true to the integrity of what was being recreated. In St. Augustine, Castillo De San Marcos only has 4 turrets (one on each corner), and only one corner of the fort has been built. I also think the angle doesn't do the shot justice. I think I posted this screen a little too early out of excitement. Also, I will work on the texture isues. I just don't know what to do when everything historic in St. Augustine is made out of grey and brown stone, but yes, I will definitely change the embankment color! 

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    Cutaway is very confusing, but I can see it after looking at it for a few minutes. I'd try to simplify it and perhaps use flat roof textures over it instead of ones with 1/4 height thickness.

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    Upon entering the park, guests are greeted by a large Fort at the entrance to the Colonial Spain section of the park. This part of the park represents St. Augustine; a Spanish settlement also known for being the oldest city in the United States.

    Inside the Castillo, there is a dark ride in which guests row through a traditional Spanish fishing village, and finish the trip off with a row around the fort.

    The large pillars are a recreation of the St. Augustine gate which used to be the only way into the city back when it was first constructed at the beginning of the 1500's

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