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    It doesn't look like a snake. It does look like vines or weeds. It does look like awesome too. This is great.

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    Agree about it looking more like vines, although it's a little too chaotic for me. But at least it's something different to what we usually see in screens, so kudos for that.

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    Thanks guys. Wasnt too happy with the name either. Vines... Very interesting. I might change the name to vines of venom !?
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    change the name to vines on a train
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    awesome screen, i really like your style


    can't believe i didn't realize what the hell the station was supposed to represent. looking at it now it kinda makes sense actually.

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    I'm a big fan of your work... you have a very fun, unique style.

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    Bit sloppy in parts, mostly with clipping objects. I would be coloring the queue/exit paths with something other than tan. Perhaps you could get more of a snake feel by using a suspended coaster track and make it less chaotic, because it does look like vines over a temple right now (which isn't bad in itself). 

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    Wow snake!

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