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    JKay - Awsome park, I love the colors you use them well, your archy is also pretty neat, it tends to look a bit strange if not looked at right, but if it is you can see the detail and realisum. One thing bugged me tho, the square kinda scetions, I think you need to work on your path layouts coz they don't seem to work well. Great job, im sure your next park will take a spotlight ;) .........oh and that red Invert is amazing :p

    AP - A park of Epic size for sure, lol. I liked it, mainly the boats and the track made colusium, that was really outstanding. I was a bit disapointed by your parimads, I think I could have fixed that white glitch for you, also I think you need to work on the coasters layouts a bit, some were great in parts but then just did something weird. I hope this is not the last park from you AP.

    ride6 - Pretty good stuff, but Corky was right not all the areas were that strong. I liked the lost kingdom snake one the best, great themeing, but alot of stuff was kind strange, like your hacked flat-ride made of full tile badly colored base blocks, alsi the WW2 area was creative but almost as out of place as my PT army area :lol: also I loced the slanted sunken ship, great idea. Clean things up a bit and maybe one day hell will freaze over and you'll have a spotlight or be a parkmaker. :X
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    ^Hell can't freeze over. jeez.

    Anyway I'll post my opinion on Jkay's Universal Hawaii and Austin Power's Roman Epic on Monday. I'm sick of waiting forever while my dial up connection slowly drags in the 5 megs of file and I'll have cable internet installed (which it is now) and working (which it is not now) monday.

    On the International Odyssey let me say that now with the park done with I only like two areas of it; the enterence and Pagoda Point (which is Japanese, not chinese!). The Northern Gate ('western area'), Neptunes Isle ('greek area') and the one castle were okayish. Personally I can't stand to even look at most of Lost Kingdom South or the Boardwalk California. Basically I really enjoyed building Pagoda Point and the enterence area. I was really inspired and I was listening to either Pink Floyd or Led Zepplin for the constuction of the areas, feeling great. But more than anything I was having the time of my life building them where the other area's seemed like 'work' in comparison. Sorry I couldn't deliver a park good enough for the following I seem to have gained from it.

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    JKay - I just can't seem to get into your style of building. I'm so impressed by the detail, but the same detail really detracts from my viewing. Everything is so cramped, and there are contrasting colours right next to each other, which looks wierd. There are parts of fantastic brilliance, then other parts look rushed. I still think that the next park you make should and will get you a parkmaker spot, and you deserve it, but it seems that this park is not for me.

    AP - When I saw this park during development, and built the duelers, the thing that most impressed me was the scale of the project, and your attention to historical accuracy. People really should read the whole readme carefully, becuase then the park becomes twice as impressive. Some of the areas may get a little repetitive, but it's all well thought out, and historically accurate, I suppose.

    ride6 - I had mixed feelings about this park. Some areas I really liked, such as "The Northern Gate" and the entrance, while others lacked a little something. I also liked the area with the sunken ship. Other areas, such as the WW2 area, and the boardwalk area seemed a bit redundant. I get the feeling that you're still refining your style, and I'm looking forward to your next park.

    Well done all of you, a good round of runner ups.
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    Universal Hawaii - I loved this park. The colors, rides, and archy were wonderful. One thing I did not like was the spacing. You seemed to make your sections square, which didn't look good. Especially with the way you did your colors. It all seemed way too cramped. It was a great park though. Wonderful job.

    International Odyssey - Pretty nice park ride6. I thought the atmosphere of the Japanese area was wonderful and done very well. I liked some of the other areas, but some I did not. The sinking ship was very cool. Good job.

    Roman Epic - I really liked this one. First off, the Roman Colosseum was very well done. Great job on that. Although the archy was repetitive in places, I think it was still very impressive. I thought the coasters were nice too. Good job.

    Congrats on the runner ups guys. Well deserved.
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    Oh now, I know there's a lot more than 23 people who want to give their thoughts on these great parks!!! ;) ;)
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    Universal Hawaii was so kickass. The park was a good source of inspiration from me, as with most of JKay's parks are. The whole entrance area was very nice, with a good atmosphere, setting the tone for the park. The Shrek woodie was awesome, with a very nice use of the landscape. The MIB verticals had some amazing architecture around it. Finally, that Eye of the Tiger coaster was kickass too, with some brilliant uses of the 1/4 blocks. On a whole this is one of my favorite RCT2 parks. Thanks for that JKay!

    I'll look at Austin Powers' and Ride6's stuff soon.
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    I have the same problem with UH as others. None of the files that came with the download work.
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    Thanks for the runnerup...and for all of your comments. Roman Epic was incredibly enjoyable to create...and when I look at it with the story behind it in just makes me really for all of you who read the readme before looking at the park...thank you. And about the repetitive architecture...if you mean the carthage area, then I agree with you...that was the only area that dragged out when I was building it...I accidentally made africa too big when I made the map...and I certainly paid the if you look at each individual building you will see that there are some very unique elements...and all the other areas are not quite as boring. So, for you who didnt read the readme...please do so and look at my park again...and let me know what you thought of the park...or even what you thought of the readme.

    kind of a late I've been very busy here at the University of Cincinnati
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    Roman Epic, 12 years later:

    The size of this map is still very impressive, but sadly much of the park hasn't aged particularly well.  The architecture has bright spots where the monumental scale of the Pharos lighthouse or the Colosseum make even full-tile scenery work well, but the smaller buildings are forgettable.  Coasters are hit or miss; the Suspended is still pretty good, and the Arrow duelers with double-interlocked corkscrews and back-to-back cobra rolls are actually fantastic.  Otherwise the layouts largely suffer from good first halves that then struggle to find a decent way to finish, like the B&M at the entrance or the wooden in the Oasis area.  


    The real highlight of Roman Epic is unquestionably the scenery and statue bits of recognizable myth elements.  It's a blast scrolling around and realizing - hey, that's the Trojan Horse, the Brazen Bull, the Temple of Hatsepshut, etc.  Worth a look for the fun of identifying all those, if nothing else. 


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