2002 / 2002 NE Awards Results

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    Best Duo/Collabo
    Winner-NE's Hidden Realm by NeViS, Roboparks, RRP, Corkscrewed, & Fatha
    2.Shiloh Town by vTd & jesse
    3.Kelaxis Globe by Benni & Posix

    Best Moderator
    3.Fatha' Grinch

    Best Real Steel Coaster
    Winner-Millennium Force at Cedar Point (Intamin Giga)
    2.Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure (B&M Launched Sitdown Looper)
    3.X at Six Flags Magic Mountain (Arrow 4D)

    Best Real Wooden Coaster
    Winner-Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce (CCI Terrain Woody)
    2.GhostRider at Knott's Berry Farm (CCI Out & Back/Twister)
    3.Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa (GCI Dueling Wooden Coasters)

    Best Real Theme Park
    Winner-Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida
    2.Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio
    3.Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California

    Best RCT Steel Coaster
    Winner-Free Style Snowboarding at Universal Island Xtreme by NeViS
    2.Lion King: The Adventure at Disney Dreams by PyroPenguin
    3.Category 5 at Tropico Cove by Fatha'

    Best RCT Wooden Coaster
    Winner-Loco Toro at Tropico Cove by Fatha'
    2.Corona at Oceania Theme Park by Harakiri
    3.Yannos at Tioman Island by mantis

    Asshole Award
    Winner-Chauncey Gardner

    Best NE Runner Up (Now NE Spotlight)
    Winner-Land of the Villain by Natelox
    2.Oceania Theme Park by Harakiri
    3.Avalon: City of Myths by KumbaMaster

    Best NE Parkmaker
    3.Fatha' Grinch & Aero21

    Best NonNE Parkmaker (New Parkmaker)
    2.Prince Ashitaka

    Added Award-Even Newest Parkmaker

    Park Of The Year (Best Spotlight)
    Winner-Universal's Island Xtreme by NeViS
    2.Disney Dreams by PyroPenguin
    3.Disney's Beautiful World by Natelox

    Troy was also released.
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    Congratualtions to everyone who won!

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    thanx to everyone who voted for me. I heard it was a close race for best parkmaker.
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    Yay... nobody I voted for won... you're all idiots... I'm the biggest asshole... yay... yay... yay.
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    Wow, three seconds and an award, thanks to all who voted for me. Based on response I figured I gained a whole 1 vote or so. Sorry I couldn't be there to present, I had forgotten my water polo team was playing our school rival to determine who would be ranked #1 in the conference tournament next week (we won 10-6 in case anyone cares). Congrats to all the winners, particuraly Natelox and Posix who seem to have won the awards with the biggest payoff.
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    W00t i went 8 for 13

    congrats to Nate and Posix and Kiddo

    Great awards guys...hope we can work out the bugs next year
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    Gee i cant believe that Chauncey Gardner won the asshole award.... not!!!
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    I would like to take a moment to say this:

    Fuck you kiddo.

    Congrats to everyone else. If you want them.
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    Congrats to everyone who won!

    Iris, are you gonna put up a transcript of some sort?
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    I have a transcript with some of the awards, 'cause I had to disconnect at some point.

    Iris should have the complete one.

    Thanls for voting for me, if you did. I won anyways!


    Congrats to all the winners. Looks like a whopping one of my voted ones won.
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    Congrats to everyone who won but I thought it might have been more logical to make PA the second parkmaker considering he came in 2nd place, not that Kiddo isn't good enough, but I just thought it was maybe a little unfair.
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    6 that I voted for won and 6 didn't. That balanced out pretty well, can't complain about that. It was nice to see so many of you in the chatroom but next time I hope there'll be a lot more.

    iris promised to make the winning non-NE parkmaker a parkmaker and he did. He didn't make any promises about second place. Since all the other parkmakers have been chosen by iris, I don't see any reason that his choosing kiddo to replace mp3mystro should be considered unfair.
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    Thank you all so much for voting me, I'm thrilled!
    Congratulations to all winners and also a big 'Thank You' to the mods who made a fantastic show =)
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    Just about everyone in there learned to fear the word "NetSplit".
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    Congrats Everyone

    Well It was a great and intresting and funny event. I was only there for half of the event as my mum moaned at me to get of as it was 1:15am and I had been on the computer for 7hrs. Damn mums.
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    Yes, the Best Non NE Parkmaker was the members choice in picking a new parkmaker. That obligation is usually mine, so after the public made their decision, I made mine. I discussed this with other "people in charge" and everyone believes that kiddo is the best upcoming parkmaker right now, so we gladly welcome him to the team.
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    Congrats to all the winners and new parkmakers. I think Kiddo was an excellent choice!
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    Congrats to everyone who kicked my ass in the non-parkmaker award.

    It'll be my day sometime. :w00t:

    And congrats to everyone else...i was suprised to not see RRP near the top of the best parkmaker list

    BioHaZard :flame:
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    second...second...second...I always come in second, I lost by 6 frickin' votes...I hate my life...I'm going to kill myself...Just kidding (you people were getting to thrilled). Congratulation Posix for valiantly, though very closely, defeating me in battle I wish you luck in your future as an NE Parkmaker, and if your next park isn't better than mine...you bette hope for your sake I never meet you ;)
    ~Prince Ashitaka~ 8@
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    ^ditto, btw iris, do you have the vote counts? i wanna see how far everyone won, or lost by. p.s. PA, watch your back next time i'll be number one! :yup: :yup:


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