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    Looking for a new bench? Well look no further!

    I've compiled an updated 'standard' bench for 2011 featuring everyday objects that haven't been featured in many of NE's previous workbenches, such as Geewhzz's Official NE Bench, Pro Tour 3 Bench, H2H5 Bench etc.

    Objects like RCTFan's Deco objects, Kumba's new Corrugated Rooves, a condensed B&M Support pack and so on.

    And yes, this workbench will be an ongoing project, and will be updated each year as new objects are released.


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    I doubt I'll ever work with it, I'm missing too many objects for that (1/4 foliage, pathblocks, some blocks and walls, and you should've used my colourable sign instead of kumba's version), but it looks like a pretty good bench nonetheless. I'm sure others will use it.

    Good job and thanks for the effort!
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    Not a bad starter bench. If i were to use it in the future i'd go into scenario editor and add a few things.
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    A good modernization of gee's bench. I'm also glad to see you'll be doing it yearly.
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    You did this because I posted my bench for steve? I thought that one was up to a decent standard to get appreciated^^
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    Thanks for doing this
    I really needed an update bench
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    I know things are missing etc, however, I only selected certain objects to be in each tab, there are plenty of 'free' spaces for people to choose their own extra objects. This is why I did this, which is why Liam, you are missing certain objects that you would normally use.

    As said, this is just meant to be an updated standard bench for people to use as a base. And there will be a new one in 6 month/1 year when new objects are released etc.

    Glad some people will get use out of it :)
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    Any chance someone here in the hierachy can create a tutorial on how to make your own scenery tabs? My object selection is monsterous and when i try and select a small piece of scenery i have no ticks left. Plus I wont really be able to download much more because.....say a download has 25 or more cbject to inslall, those 25 or more will make the small scenery selection stuck at the top. and theres no way of getting around this unless i create my own scenery tabs and select evrything i need in 1 roof tab for instance. Advice to new members or new commers to the game: Dont download Harry Potter, Jurassic Park or Lord of the Rings scenery. It will clog your selection in SE.
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    Thanks for doing this Louis. I haven't checked it out yet, but a month or so ago I was looking for a base bench to work out which objects to use for a new project. Really useful if you've been out of the game for a while. As I say, I haven't looked at it yet, but I'm sure it's supposed to be used a base for people to pick up and shift stuff around depending on their style/themes. Not to be taken as a "here is the definitive RCT workbench". I know that when I created my bench for Tainted Morsels that missed a whole host of important basics. This kind of thing helps with that. So thanks Louis.
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    Thanks for the file, i'll upload it when i'm done. :mantis:
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    I've been using your bench for another contest entry, and I must say, I'm really liking it!
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    Glad someone mentioned this bench in another thread, I've been trying to put together a bench I'm happy with for a while now, keep forgetting things and getting frustrated :D. Thanks for this!


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