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    Happy New Year! There's no Fiesta this time; keep your eyes open though, as there's a cool design just around the corner and the New Element Design Challenge is almost coming to an end, meaning we'll see lots of RCT goodness soon!

    As you may have noticed, I said 'almost' regarding the NEDC2; to make up for the long downtime from last week and all surrounding confusion, the deadline has been extended by 48 hours. The new deadline is now January 3rd 2013 0:00 GMT. To those who have already submitted something, feel free to work on your entries a little more and re-submit them before the new deadline. Make it perfect!

    Also, we have selected five new panelists. Read more here.
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    More news: I introduced a new emoticon and got rid of all the useless shitty emoticons turning any post into a ridiculous circus. :') One or two old emoticons have returned as well. :idea:

    I hope to add more uniformity soon.


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