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    FW: Reminded me of Asteroid fields and most of gill's  rctography.  While the parkmaking was just a little better than the average and the rides are total shit, this is one of the few parks from back when that I'll actually save on my hard drive. Some of these ideas are so cool and generally everything in the park down to every building kept my attention for some span of time. 80%

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    ^ quite a compliment from someone who owns me at this game. All I can say about this park is I feel a little ignored as to each of the possible firsts and innovations in this park and don’t think it’s credited for those things but I don’t get too upset about that. And I’m not as proud about those innovations as I am of the concept of a Disney-like animation company basing bad H2H style lands on original stories I wrote up for the characters (Patty Panda, etc.). Guess I it like being the first to show RCT2 capabilities too if that’s what it did with it’s semi-ncso, and the combination of resort, downtown Disney, Epcot and Disneyland influenced district types, with terrible rides. But all this to say, all these many years later, had to just get that out there if it wasn’t already known. I loved all the good and bad comments when I read each of them way back when. And long live NE for it’s honesty and all the incredibly talented people here. Am I able to consider this a park I build just for fun but passed on to the site for perhaps a tiny gift swallowed up in quality by nearly everything else? I guess it’s yours now. And I should officially consider this unremarkable post finally a goodbye, but I’d rather keep the door open. I’ll probably always be somewhere way back behind the foreground and never stop irritating people completely. I went through some crazy stuff in real life while at this site with stuff spilling out in crap posts and I’ll never forget NE. So I’ll kind of sort of stick around. Hope you don’t mind. See everyone again in six months when I attempt mathematic theories with the game again. Bye.


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