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    All screens WiP

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    Very atmospheric.  You're certainly very good with the different lighting options.  It sets the mood very well.  I like the numbering over each of the rows.  That's clever.  


    The rapids sign stands out against the rest of that screen and maybe not in such a good way.  Too bright and colorful compared to the rest I think.  Maybe if you pulled the lighting back and made it a little softer?


    I'd like to see some daytime shots as well so I can get a better feel of the actual composition of things.  Looking forward to seeing the progress!

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    I like the lighting.

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    That turn is gorgeous. 

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    Thanks for the Comments


    CP6: Yes agree on that sign. In day time it is quite a faded green and blue but no matter how dark of a colour you set it, at night it lights up really bright. I might change it to a wooden sign and light it myself as you are right, it stands out too much.


    Here's a screen taken at night and the same at day to give you more perspective of what's going on:



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    queue certainly looks like a hike!

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    Yasss more daytime pics please. I cant help but feel like night pics are cheating at making atmosphere
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    Wow this game looks amazing, is it worth the buy though?

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    I don't have it, but I'd say it's pretty dang worth it.

    It's also been on sale on Steam a lot recently.

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    If you have a good friend whohas it, just ask them to share their Steam library with you, that's what I did :p

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    Gorgeous work you post this on the PC forums and at SGW? If not, you should.

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    I'm digging that first pic.

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    Yeah, I love the queue under the crossover.  Only complaint is that the forest of footers takes away a little from the torch/lantern theming element there.

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    Thanks guys,


    Meretrix: I hadn't actually but have heard about SGW and have now posted there. Thanks for the tip!


    Liampie: Thanks


    Intamin22: Yeah I think I will remove that torch, kinda gets dwarved, thanks.

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    Next update from the Zendikar area:













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    That first picture is beautiful

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    this is really good mate, love the sign


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