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    Looking for an even newer bench than the newest bench around? It's here, a day early!


    I've compiled a 2017 update of the best bench there is at NE! The Louis Bench! It's been 6 years since my first bench, and 4 years since the most recent version, so its about time that there is a new one!


    The plan was to make another 'standard' bench that people can either use as is, or tailor towards their needs. I think it achieves this, and is an improvement on the much used 2013 bench.


    Things that have been improved over 2013 - Object selection, Tab organisation, Object ordering etc. etc. I've literally taken hours on each section, this bench has been a nightmare to create, but hey ho, I love you guys and this is for you.


    Original Version:

    Attached File  NE Workbench 2017 by Louis!.sv6 (21.12MB)
    downloads: 84


    Version with glitched out 4D coaster fixed by CC9:

    Attached File  NE Workbench 2017 by Louis! FIXED.sv6 (21.12MB)
    downloads: 151

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    Louis <333333333

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    Yas bitch. 

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    Louis is having me upload a quick fix for him; we found out that a bit of a glitch made it appear as though the 4D coaster wasn't in the workbench, when it was selected and such - attached is a fixed version.


    [Attachment placed in first post] - Lou

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    Thanks Lou

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    Bloodi Hell

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    Thanks :D

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    Need to try this out soon. Thanks for doing this.

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    Much Appreciated!!! Very happy to share your work for years already! :D 

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    I love you, thank you!


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